All About Me Printable Worksheet

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Perfect for Back to School, the All About Me worksheet will come in handy when getting to know your students during the first days of school.

The worksheet has areas for students to write and/or draw about some of the things they enjoy such as favorite books, foods, and hobbies. It also has a spot for them to draw a picture of themselves and an area to share something unique about themselves. These would be great as a “get to know you” activity for students to learn a little about their classmates.

Students can also use this as a starting point for an autobiography or a speech. Have the students fill this worksheet out and then use it as an outline to write a short essay. If they are giving a speech about themselves, students can use this as a prompt.

However you use it, this worksheet is a good way for students to share a little bit about themselves and for you to learn about your students!

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