Printable Sandwich Book Report

Sandwich Book ReportClick on the image to view or print.

Some students love to read. Others are not so fond of it. So when the teacher announces that the next assignment is a book report, there might be some groans across the classroom. What if doing a book report could be fun?

Using this Sandwich Book Report, kids will complete a book report while assembling a “sandwich.” When the entire sandwich is put together, the book report is finished! Each piece provides the students with a question to answer and write about. The first piece of bread asks about the title and author. The tomato inquires about the characters and their roles in the story. The cheese and meat have students write about the setting and the plot. The lettuce provides an area for them to write their opinions on the story. Finally, the last piece of bread has students illustrate an important event in the story. The pieces are labeled for easy assembly.

This printable provides a fun spin on book reports. We’re sure your students will devour it!

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