Compound Words Cards (Audio Card Reader)

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Compound Words Cards (Audio Card Reader)

Item #: CA-MCFCW1 Grades: K & Up

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The Compound Words card program is a true supplement which can be easily integrated into early childhood classroom curriculum, ELL, ELD, speech language therapies, foreign language acquisition and adult literacy groups. This kit will help students identify 48 common words, as well as correctly pronounce and read them. Each audio card has a full-color illustration of the item and its clearly written noun on the card.

The reproducible Teacher Progress Chart can be used for pre/post testing of student knowledge of the 48 words. Each audio card is also numbered to correspond with the progress chart.

• Provides vocal mirroring capabilities when used with a CardMaster Card Reader (sold separately, CA-2010). A card is selected and played through the CardMaster. The student listens to the pre-recorded sound, records a response, compares the two recordings and repeats as many times as necessary.

• Reading and writing skills develop in a variety of ways—this program enables students to link visible letters with the sounds they hear. This repeated, multi-modal, kinesthetic, visual and auditory reinforcement helps solidify mental connections between written and spoken words.

Set of 72 full color cards feature familiar, high frequency compound words from A to Z, with picture cues.

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Set of 72 cards.

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Item # CA-MCFCW1
Grades K & Up
Language English
Format Electronic Learning Aids / AT
Subject Vocabulary
Catalog Classroom Resources Grades 3-8
English/Spanish Resources
Special Education
Interactive Whiteboard Software
Themes Units A to Z

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