Earobics Home Edition Step 2

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Earobics Home Edition Step 2

Item #: CCI-002-CD Grades: 2-5; Ages 7-10

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The award-winning Earobics software provides individualized instruction in critical areas of reading. As students interact with lively characters like Katy-Pillar and Hakeem Hippo, they develop the foundational literacy skills essential to their reading success.
There are hundreds of levels of instruction built into the software. Each level is specially developed to help students build critical literacy skills, including recognizing and blending sounds, rhyming, and discriminating phonemes within words.
All instruction builds on the strengths of each learner, adjusting to each student’s individual level of ability with every click of the mouse, and enabling students to reach their full potential. The software also provides specialized support for English language learners with instructions in 10 languages.
The software is supported by a blend of multimedia materials and student-guided activities that extend the computer experience to the classroom. This multisensory approach to reading intervention helps students develop the key literacy skills needed for academic success.

Earobics Step 2 consists of five games and nearly 600 levels of play. It addresses all of the skills targeted in Earobics Step 1, but at more advanced levels. It also teaches language processing skills that are critical for extracting meaning from spoken language and written text. Students learn to: • Follow increasingly complex directions • Remember sounds & words in sequential order • Sound out individual sounds in a word • Blend sounds into syllables, syllables into words • Identify the position of a target sound in a word • Add, delete, substitute and rearrange sounds to create new words • Recognize a word when a syllable or sound has been omitted • Associate a sound with a letter or group of letters • Understand the meanings of words • Recognize printed syllables and words

Common Core standards covered:
RF.K.2a-2e, RF.1.2a-2d

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Item # CCI-002-CD
Grades 2-5; Ages 7-10
Language English
UPC 9780669524420
Catalog English/Spanish Resources
Interactive Whiteboard Software
Themes Units A to Z

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