Time For Kids Nonfiction Spanish Gr 4 Complete Spanish of 30

Time For Kids Nonfiction Spanish Gr 4 Complete Spanish of 30

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Dig up some dirt and find out how tiny creatures build amazing structures, discover how some people defy gravity, see how you can contribute to the lives of endangered animals, and more with this intriguing 30-book collection! These colorful, high-interest books feature TIME For Kids content, with themes from science, mathematics, and social studies. These high-interest books are designed to help build comprehension skills. Paperback, 48 pages each. Titles may vary. ©2012

The books offer:
• Alignment to Standards
• Variety of text structures
• Complex informational text aligned to the content areas
• Academic and domain-specific vocabulary
• Related themed trios

Titles include:
• ¡Supervivencia! Desierto (Survival! Desert)
• Animales arquitectos (Animal Architects)
• Detrás del lienzo: La vida de un artista (Behind the Canvas: An Artist's Life)
• ¡Sin resolver! Misterios de la historia (Unsolved! History's Mysteries)
• ¡Hang Ten! Surf (Hang Ten! Surfing)
• Hablemos claro: La verdad sobre la comida (Straight Talk: The Truth About Food)
• Increíble pero real: Animales extraños (Strange but True: Bizarre Animals)
• Anne Frank: Una luz en la oscuridad (Anne Frank: A Light in the Dark)
• Una mano a la pata: Protegiendo los animales (Hand to Paw: Protecting Animals)
• Ingeniería: Hazañas y fracasos (Engineering: Feats and Failures)