Animal Families Bilingual Book Set

Animal Families Bilingual Book Set



Grades: PreK-3

Familias de animales

Favorite animals are visited in a new way as readers will look at the group dynamics and family lives of penguins, meerkats, dolphins, lions, gorillas, and wolves. Colorful photographs show each animal family in its natural habitat. Simple English and standard Latin-American Spanish translations explain the roles that group members play. A picture glossary in each book helps young bilingual readers to build and strengthen a connection between the two languages.

Set of 4 Library bound books, 32 pages each. ©2011

Please note the two titles below are Out of Print:

Lions: Life in the Pride / Leones: Vida en la manada

Wolves: Life in the Pack / Lobos: Vida en la manad

Titles include:
Penguins: Life in the Colony / Pingüinos: Vida en la colonia

Dolphins: Life in the Pod / Delfines: Vida en la manada

Gorillas: Life in the Troop / Gorilas: Vida en la manada

Meerkats: Life in the Mob / Suricatas: Vida en la colonia