Center Solutions Common Core Task Cards Grade 5

Center Solutions Common Core Task Cards Grade 5

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Reinforce the Common Core State Standards for language arts and math in your classroom with CenterSOLUTIONS® for the Common Core Task Cards. The set contains 50 language arts cards and 50 math cards, each printed with a standard on one side for easy planning and progress tracking. The cards are perfect for centers and learning stations, individualized instruction or skill differentiation, math and reading journals, and much more. Set includes 100, 4 in. x 6 in. task cards and one divider.

Common Core standards covered:

ELA Standards:
RL.5.1,3,4,7,10; RI.5.1-2,4,10; RF.5.3a,4a-4c; W.5.1a-1c,4,5,6,7,9a,10; L.5.1a,2d-2e,4a-4c,5a,5c,6

Math Standards:
MP1,5,6; 5.OA.1,2; 5.NBT.1-7; 5.NF.1-6; 5.MD.1-5; 5.G.1,2,4;