Core Reading Skills Complete Program

Core Reading Skills Complete Program

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This program features hundreds of ready-to-use activities designed to help struggling readers become more confident, fluent readers.

Binder 1: 224 pages of skill-specific vocabulary and reading comprehension activities contain 56 high-interest stories, over 200 reading activities, time reading chart, fluency progress chart, reading levels & word counts chart, words/phrases/sentences lists, answer key, audio CD of each story, and whiteboard-ready CD with printable PDFs.

Binder 2: Over 175 reproducible pages include 45 content-area, science-themed stories followed by skill-based questions and a cloze reading assessment, an extensive vocabulary list and activities designed to help learners understand and use some of the more difficult words from the stories and build comprehension. CCSS Level: 2-4, Reading Level: 2.0-4.5

Common Core standards covered:
RL.2.10; RL.3.1,10; RI.2.2-5; RI.3.1-4,8,10; RI.4.2-5,10; RF.2.3a-3f,4,4a-4c, RF.3.3,3c,3d,4,4a-4c; RF.4.3,3a,4,4a-4c; RI.2.1,2,4,5,10, RI.3.1,2,10, 4.2,4,5,10; L.3.3,4,4a-4d,6; L.4.4a,5b,6