Prepared Slides Set II

Prepared Slides Set II

National School Products

SKU: LER-2040

Each set contains six slides, one each of pollen/spores, textiles, insects, tiny creatures, animals and plants. 24 specimens per set.

Set of Slides include:

Animals: Cat Hair, Canary Feather, Dog Hair and Sheep Hair

Plants: Stem of Corn, Leaf of Nerium, Onion Rind and Silver Berry Scaly Hair

Insects: Dragonfly Wing, Worker Bee Wing, Bee Antenna and Bee Abdomen

Textile Fibers: Panya, Nylon, Wool and Handmade Paper

Tiny Creatures: Common Red Sponge, Angora Rabbit Hair, Ant and Mouse Fur

Pollen & Spore: Tulip Pollen, Leaf Spore, Pine Tree Pollen and Orange Pollen