ReadingPen 2

ReadingPen 2

National School Products

SKU: WIZ-001

The ReadingPen 2 improves reading skills for all learners!

The ReadingPen 2 is a fully portable, assistive reading device that enables beginning readers or users with reading difficulties to quickly scan a word and hear it spoken aloud, helping build a better vocabulary and understanding of what students are reading.
The world’s only handheld scanning device that enables all readers to improve reading comprehension, vocabulary, and fluency. Scan a word or line from any printed text and hear the word(s) or definition(s) from the built-in speaker, or earphone for silent learning. Words are displayed in large characters.

Other features:

  • • Displays syllables
  • • Spells words
  • • Defines words within the definition or thesaurus (cross reference)
  • • Keeps a history of scanned words
  • • Scans inverted and hyphenated text
  • • Adjustable for left- and right-handed use
  • • Access to the dictionary and thesaurus can be locked so the Readingpen 2 can be used in testing environments.

Designed specifically for the school age reader, the K-12 ReadingPen 2 features a dictionary and thesaurus configured for the K-12 curriculum (recognizing over 250,000 words). With the push of a single button, the user can switch between the dictionary definition and the thesaurus entry.

Includes a protective case, earphones with volume control, manual, and 2 AAA batteries.