Science Solves It! English Set 1

Science Solves It! English Set 1

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These fun mystery stories get kids thinking about science and show students how they can use science process skills to explore life, earth, space, physical, and environmental sciences. Each story contains activities, supports and reinforces science vocabulary, and demonstrates that science is all around kids, making them feel comfortable with science! Paperback, 32 pages each.

Titles include:
ƒ?› Ant Attack
ƒ?› Bears on the Brain
ƒ?› Bubble Trouble
ƒ?› Buried in the Backyard
ƒ?› Creeping Tide
ƒ?› Monster Bug
ƒ?› Nose Knows
ƒ?› Picky Peggy
ƒ?› What Homework?
ƒ?› Whatƒ??s That Sound?