Wide Open Space Spanish Big Book

Wide Open Space Spanish Big Book

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Grades: PreK-5

An introductory look at our solar system and what is happening out there.

The purpose for reading is set inside the front cover of each book. Predictions are validated or altered inside the back cover.

Designed by teachers for Elementary Classrooms K-5:
This title is also suitable as hi/lo reading for secondary classrooms.

For Grades K-1: Photographs and open-ended questions/prompts specifically designed to develop Oral Language skills.

For Grades 2-3: On grade-level text and grade-appropriate, domain-specific vocabulary.

For Grades 4-5+: (Reluctant Readers): Low readability, high-interest… something you didn’t know in every book! Short chunks of text; interesting, engaging content to appeal to any reluctant reader.

Meets Common Core State Standards requirements in:

Speaking and Listening
> Multiple-Exchange Conversations
> Comprehension and Collaboration
> Presentation of Knowledge and Ideas

Reading: Foundational Skills
> Phonics & Word Recognition
> Fluency

> Vocabulary Acquisition & Use

Reading: Informational Text
> Key Ideas and Details
> Craft and Structure
> Integration of Knowledge and Ideas
> Text Complexity Band Grades 2-3