You Wouldn't Want to... Complete Set

You Wouldn't Want to... Complete Set

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Grades: 4-7
Anesthesia? Ha! Antibiotics? Surely you jest! Try leeching, covering wounds with boiling oil, and the harrowing amputation of limbs. Welcome to a surgeon’s life in Elizabethan England! This hilarious series revels in the darker side of life in other times, bringing something unusual to the study of history—humor. Even the most reluctant reader is drawn in by the gruesome details, complete with hilarious illustrations, captions, and sidebars that leave no doubt— students simply wouldn't want to be there!

RL 4.4-6.4. Lexile levels 770L -990L

Set of 27 books. Accelerated Reader® titles. Paperback, 32 pages each.

Titles include: You Wouldn't Want to… Be a Medieval Knight, Be Sick in the 16th Century, Be a Pirate’s Prisoner, Be an American Pioneer, Be a Greek Athlete, Be a Roman Gladiator, Be an Egyptian Mummy, Sail on the Titanic, Be an American Colonist, Be Mary Queen of Scots, Explore with Marco Polo, Live in Pompeii, Be a Nurse During the Civil War, Sail with Christopher Columbus, Be a World War II Pilot, and many more!