Simple Machines Class Model Lever

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Simple Machines Class Model Lever

Item #: CDR-502 Grades: K-6

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Using these models you can easily explain the scientific principles of simple machines - and involve your students in the demonstrations so that they quickly master the concepts. Built of durable hardwood, these models will provide years of use in your classroom. Students can’t resist learning!

Levers are the most basic simple machine. When you apply force at one end of the lever, you get a force at the other end as well. How big a force you get depends on how far the ends are from the pivot point, the fulcrum. As students experiment with this adjustable lever, they will learn a basic concept of the laws of physics.

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Desktop sized, adjustable wooden model, 17½ in. L.

Additional Information

Item # CDR-502
Grades K-6
Series Name Simple Machines Classroom Models
Format Hands-On Learning & Models
Subject Science & Health
Hands-On Experiments
Simple Machines
Technology / STEM
Theme Simple Machines
Catalog Classroom Resources Grades 3-8
English/Spanish Resources
Special Education
Themes Units A to Z

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