Zomo the Rabbit English Paperback Book

Zomo the Rabbit English Paperback Book

Item #: HBJ-2010106 Grades: by: Gerald McDermott

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A Trickster Tale from West Africa
by Gerald McDermott
Zomo the rabbit, a trickster from West Africa, wants wisdom. But he must accomplish three apparently impossible tasks before Sky God will give him what he wants. Is he clever enough to do as Sky God asks?

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Item # HBJ-2010106
Series Name Tales from Around the World
Language English
ISBN 0152010106
UPC 9780152010102
Author Name Gerald McDermott
Publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Format Children's Books & Literature
Theme Africa
Black History
Catalog Drug Prevention & Health Education
Classroom Resources Grades 3-8

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