Phonemic Awareness & Inst Spanish Card Set OF 8

Phonemic Awareness & Inst Spanish Card Set OF 8

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Each unique Spanish card set contains 60 illustrated vocabulary cards for focused practice and reinforcement of key phonemic awareness and phonics skills necessary for reading success. Each set includes instructions, activity suggestions, and a reusable storage box. Most cards are double-sided.

Phonemic awareness is acquired through the systematic teaching of the relationship that exists among printed letters and their sounds (phonemes). Using these card sets, students will learn to:

  • visually identify vowels, consonants & their sounds
  • identify dipthongs, consonant blends, & syllables
  • recognize the different sounds of some consonants when paired with different vowels, such as ce, ci, ca, co, ga, ge
  • understand that different spellings can produce equal sounds, e.g.: c/q/k, ll/y, and v/b
  • group known syllables to form & decode new words
  • recognize sight words & develop reading fluency
  • build vocabulary & spell new words

Titles includes:

  • Beginning, Middle & Ending Blends(Grupo consonántico inicial, en el medio y al final)
  • Initial Vowel Sounds (Sonido vocalico inicial)
  • Grouping Rhyming Words (Agrupando palabras que riman)
  • Initial Consonant Sounds 1 (Sonido consonántico inicial 1 - Bilabiales, labio-dentales y dentales)
  • Initial Consonant Sounds 2 (Sonido consonántico inicial 2 - Alveolares)
  • Initial Consonant Sounds 3 Sonido consonántico inicial 3 - Velares y palatales
  • Completing Words with Diphthongs (Completando palabras con diptongos)
  • Making New Words (Formando palabras nuevas)

SET includes 8 Card Games with game containing 60 cards