How do I Order

Contact Information & Hours

Our Office hours are:

Monday - Friday: 8:30 am to 5:30 pm EST
Saturday - Sunday: Closed

5 easy ways to order:

You can E-mail us at:
You can order by FAX: Fax: 1-800-289-3960
Local Fax: (865)-983-9355
You can Contact/Order by phone: Phone: 1-800-627-9393
Local Phone: (865)-984-3960
M-F 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM EST
You can Order by Snail Mail: National School Products
1523 Old Niles Ferry Rd.
Maryville, TN 37803
You can order on-line: Read the following below for Ordering Information via this website


How do I order On-Line?

To place an order online, you may start by typing the item number, title, or related keyword of the product(s) in the Search box located in the upper right corner of any page. The Advanced Search, directly below this box, allows you to narrow down the items you want to view by Grade Level, Price, Category, Subject, Theme, Favorite Brands/Publishers, Platform, and Language (English, Spanish, or Bilingual), in addition to an item number or keyword.

When the results are displayed, click on the picture or title of any product to see more details, or add it directly to your shopping cart or Wish List.  Please contact Customer Service if you are having difficulty finding an item.

How do I order from Catalog?

If you are ordering from a catalog, you can utilized the "Catalog Quick Order" selection from the main menu.

The "Catalog Quick Order" page allows you to enter your item numbers, quantity and add to your cart so you can continue shopping from one page.

When entering an item number from our catalog, do not include the catalog code (the last two letters of the item number as listed in our catalog - such as TX, BV, BW, orTV). Leave these off of the item number when searching online.

On the "Catalog Quick Order" page,

  • Enter the Item number from the catalog.
  • Enter the quantity
  • The item description will appear in right column
  • Hover over the description to see picture
  • Complete entering nine (9) items
  • Select "Add to Cart"
  • Select "Clear List"
  • Repeat this process for next item

After transferring your items to the cart, you can select the cart to review items and continue with purchase.

How do I process the Shipping Cart Order?

Review your Shipping Cart order and log-in or create a New Customer log-in. Review shipping and taxes. Include any comment you wish and choose your purchase option. If you are using a Purchase Order# then enter it in the shipping notes with a Contact phone# and Name.

You can print the cart via cntl-P print option on computer.

There are 4 options to select from after completing your cart:

  • Go to Checkout. Process via Credit Card.
  • Print the Cart.  Process via Purchase Order.
  • Web Order Form Move cart to Web form, save to your computer or print.
  • Quote Request. Move cart to Request Quote, Submit to E-mail.