Chalk Pastels 64 Sticks

Chalk Pastels 64 Sticks


SKU: SMI-4064

This brilliant assortment of chalk pastels boasts rich pigment and smooth texture for a soft, velvet effect. Colors blend easily with fingers or a simple cotton swab! Non-toxic sticks are 1 1/4” x 3/8” in a convenient lift lid box with a divided tray to separate each stick. Set of 64 sticks/colors.

Can be used on any paper/cardboard surface, or on fabric. Use on black or dark paper for interesting results! Teachers may need to spray a fixative over finished works to prevent smudging. (Hint: you can also try hairspray as a fixative, but it may darken colors slightly).

Note: Chalk pastels are a lot of fun for younger students because they place a lot of pigment on the paper (unlike colored pencils) and they can be blended (unlike crayons). But they will rub off on hands, clothing, desks, etc. Make sure young students have their art smocks on before using!