CCCSS Pocket Chart Cards Grade 1

CCCSS Pocket Chart Cards Grade 1

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SKU: CD-158169

Grade: 1

Display the Common Core Standards and matching “I Can” statements in your
classroom everyday! The “I Can” statements are the same as the Common Core
Standard, but written in a kid-friendly format that will boost students’ confidence as
they master Common Core skills. This pre-printed, easily organized system provides
an entire list of Common Core State Standards in both math and language arts. The kit comes with divider cards and 2-sided cards with “I Can” statements on one side and the corresponding standard on the other. Use with the Daily Standards Pocket Chart (sold separately, right) or the Magnetic Pocket Chart Squares (sold separately, facing page), to clearly and efficiently display the cards in your classroom.

Includes 99 two-sided cards and 10 dividers.