Don't Say Yes When You Really Mean No DVD Kit

Don't Say Yes When You Really Mean No DVD Kit

National School Products

SKU: V10-081-DVD

Grades: 5 - 12

On disc 1, Don’t Say Yes When You Really Mean No (31 min.), 12-year-old Jodie is invited to attend a party she knows will involve alcohol and other drugs. She literally wrestles with her conscience over what to do! Presented in an MTV-music-video style format, Jodie and her friends learn how to deal with the peer pressure that teens face. Teens and preteens will learn how to listen to their “Bodytalk” when involved in tough social situations, and that every choice results in a consequence—whether you like it or not.

On disc 2, One Thing Always Leads to Another (16 min.), a 13-year-old girl reluctantly drinks beer at her friend’s home. She gets sick and experiences a series of seemingly unrelated  consequences, from being late for school to losing the soccer championship. In the end, she realizes how these disasters all resulted from drinking alcohol the night before. Refusal skills scenarios are shown during a discussion with her mother.

Disc 3, Raging Hormones (16 min.; English & Spanish), discusses pregnancy prevention education for teens and preteens. Includes a discussion guide.

63 minutes total.