Animal Babies Spanish Book Set OF 4

Animal Babies Spanish Book Set OF 4

National School Products


Grades: PreK-3

Please Note: This is now a set of 4 books. Insects (Insectos), Fish (Pescados) is no longer available.

Each book in this popular series introduces students to an animal class and its characteristics through the study of its youngest members. Clear text provides pertinent information including the name of the baby, its size, what it eats, and where it lives. A unique chart helps readers compare and contrast various animal classes, noting whether they have live young, if they have feathers, and more. Accelerated Reader® titles. Library bound, 32 pages each. Titles may vary.

This set is also available in English only (HNM-NSP77) and as a complete set of Spanish and English titles (HNM-NSP158).

Titles include:
• Anfibios (Amphibians is available in Spanish only)
• El avestruz (Ostrich)
• La jirafa (Girafe)
• El caiman (Alligator)