Everyday Wonders Bilingual Book Set

Everyday Wonders Bilingual Book Set

National School Products


Grades: PreK-2

This series teaches inquisitive young minds about some of the natural phenomena they are most likely to encounter (like the fact that a caterpillar turns into a butterfly and birds hatch from eggs). Large, detailed photographs and uncomplicated language provide a fun reading experience. A picture glossary and large-print index introduce nonfiction elements in an accessible way. Library Binding, 24 pages each.

Titles include:

It's a Bird! / ¡Es un ave!
It's a Sunflower! / ¡Es un girasol!
It's a Dragonfly! / ¡Es una libélula!
It's an Apple Tree! / ¡Es un manzano!
It's a Catepillar! / ¡Es una oruga!