Feelings Spanish/English Library Bound Set of 19

Feelings Spanish/English Library Bound Set of 19

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Sentimientos / Feelings Library
This series helps readers explore a wide range of emotions and how to handle them. The clear text and colorful, humorous illustrations enhance children's understanding of their feelings and those of other people. Accelerated Reader® titles, Spanish RL: 2.0-3.3 and English RL: 2.0-2.6. Guided reading levels: Spanish: J and English: I-J. Reinforced library binding, 24 pages each.

Please Note: This is now a set of 19 books. The Spanish titles Enojo (Angry), Tristeza (Sad), Celos (Jealous), Bondad (Caring), and Orgullo (Proud) are no longer available.

Spanish titles include: Felicidad (Happy), Impaciencia (Impatient), Preocupacion (Worried), Soledad (Lonely), Timidez (Shy), Valentía (Brave), and Vergüenza (Embarrassed).

English titles include: Caring, Jealous, Angry, Happy, Impatient, Proud, Worried, Lonely, Shy, Sad, Brave, and Embarrassed.