Fun With Language Eng/Spanish Library (24)

Fun With Language Eng/Spanish Library (24)

National School Products

SKU: NSP-5505

Grade: 1-5

This exclusive set includes titles specifically selected for bilingual or ESL classrooms. The easy-to-read stories in English feature Spanish words and phrases used within the text. This embedded text helps native Spanish-speaking students feel comfortable reading in their newly acquired language, using the familiar words as context clues while boosting comprehension and vocabulary.

English-speaking students will also be able to understand the meaning of the Spanish words in context. Plus, several stories have companion Spanish versions, with English phrases sprinkled throughout the text—perfect for less proficient ESL readers.

Many rhyming tales, word plays, hilarious stories, close picture-to-text matches, and other language devices will help every student make important language discoveries and build essential reading skills.

Mixed paperback and hardcover titles. Titles may vary. Partial set shown.