Grammar Songs Music CD

Grammar Songs Music CD

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You never forget what you sing!
Catchy tunes and rhyming lyrics are powerful hooks to help students learn and remember information. Produced by professional musicians and teachers, 16 songs teach the parts of speech, punctuation rules, and root words. Comes with a 64-page reproducible workbook of lyrics, illustrations, and activities, as well as a teacher\\\\\\'s guide. Over 40 minutes of audio.

Song titles include:
Verb Song 1
Verb Song 2
Noun Song
Sentence Song
Pronoun Song
Compound Personal Pronoun Drill
Adjective Song
Adverb Song
Apostrophe Song
Preposition Song
Direct Object Song
Capital Song
Irregular Verb Drill 1
Irregular Verb Drill 2
Irregular Verb Drill 3
Plural Song
Comma Song
Quotation Mark Song
Greek & Latin Preix & Suffix Song

Common Core standards covered:
L.2.2a-2c, L.2.4c, L.3.1a, L.3.2a,2c, L.3.4b,4c