Kids Of Character Bilingual Library 4 Book Set

Kids Of Character Bilingual Library 4 Book Set

National School Products


Grades: K-4

This bilingual series teaches young readers the importance of caring about themselves and the people around them. Each book presents scenarios that all children have likely encountered in their everyday lives, & explores the character traits that are so important in developing into honest, respectful, responsible members of the community. Accelerated Reader® titles, (English only). Reinforced library binding, 48 pages each. Titles may vary.Book Set of 6

Titles include:
• Tied Up In Knots / Enredados
• Time Remote / ¡El Control Del Tiempo!
• The Ugly Caterpillar / La Oruga Fea
• Your Job Is Easy / Tu Trabajo Es Fácil
• Spike the Rebel! / ¡Púa El Rebelde!
• The Sly Fox and the Chicks / El Zorro Astutoso Y Los Pollitos