Word Attack

Word Attack

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Attack Reading Problems

Do your students battle with spelling and pronunciation? Are multi-syllable words threatening? Is reading a struggle? Don??t let your students face these problems unarmed?? Take aim with reading??s secret weapon!

Divide and Conquer

The study of phonics helps students divide words into small parts to conquer reading problems. Quick Word Attack offers a specialized and unique phonics program that targets the most problematic English language sounds. By using four general rules for dividing words, your students will learn to decode difficult words quickly and easily. A variety of hands-on worksheets are included to provide a rapid review of skills and improve reading, spelling and pronunciation performance. These versatile activities can be presented by an instructor or used independently by the student.

These skill-building activities are helpful for:
* Older students who have not yet reached mastery levels
* Middle school through adult students who have a reading or learning disability
* Good students who are laborious readers
* Anyone interested in enhancing their pronunciation, spelling, and reading skills
* English as a second language students (ESL)
* And more!

Aligned with Title I.