101 Amazing Stories Spanish Set of 3

101 Amazing Stories Spanish Set of 3

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101 Short Stories of Emotions includes tales that address topics such as fear, kindness, grief, shame, anger, gender stereotypes, family, distance, generosity, responsibility, prejudices, courage, illusion, gratitude, love for nature, integration, inclusion, uprooting, courtesy, separation, self-acceptance, empowerment, sadness, acceptance of differences, stress-relief techniques, growth, resilience, bullying, freedom, loneliness, forgiveness, diversity.

A magical train, huge popcorn, a sailor’s beard that hides incredible objects, giant dolls, a sleepwalking town, a ghost writer, a letter that wants to play, an environmentalist alien…

101 short stories about real, mythological, and fantastic animals, among others, to read and to be mesmerized: a cloud-eating bird, a friendly bear, a chameleon that doesn’t know its true color, a fox with three tails, a tyrannosaurus that can’t roar, and even a surfing sardine.