7 Ways to Block a Cyberbully DVD

7 Ways to Block a Cyberbully DVD

National School Products

SKU: V119-3467-DVD

Grades: 6 - 12

Cyber bullies don’t shove kids on the playground or steal lunch money, but they are just as dangerous. They stay hidden behind technology and target students on the Internet and through cell phones. This film teaches students how to be smart and stay safe in a cyber bully situation. “7 Ways to Block a Cyber Bully” details seven effective strategies for dealing with a digital bully. The plan includes:

  • 1) Understanding the e-bully
  • 2) Protecting your passwords
  • 3) Guarding personal information
  • 4) Using safety software
  • 5) Cutting off communications
  • 6) Saying “no” to revenge
  • 7) Telling someone

Student section: 13 minutes; Adult section: 7 minutes.