Adapted for Success Book Set

Adapted for Success Book Set

National School Products


Grades: 6-9

Animals adapt to their habitats in amazing ways, foraging for food, using camouflage, defending themselves against predators. Each title in this series focuses on the adaptations found in one representative animal from each species, while looking at how similar animals in the group have adapted in different ways. Less successful adaptations are also covered, including animals that have become extinct or endangered by changes to their environment. “Concept Boxes” explain scientific concepts like evolution, intelligent design, and competition. 
Titles include:

  • • Lions & Other Mammals
  • • Poison Frogs & Other Amphibians
  • • Sharks & Other Fish
  • • Snakes & Other Reptiles
  • • Spiders & Other Invertebrates

Set of 5 paperback books, 48 pages each.