Animal Tracks Hardcover Book

Animal Tracks Hardcover Book


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Rhyming quatrains and couplets that describe pigs, hippos, penguins, turtles, butterflies, hummingbirds and dogs are mingled with punny poems (""…I will always BEE yours./I will never have any EGRETS./You are my one and only GULL./OWL always love you"") and nonsense rhymes. A few are just too ridiculous and forced (""…Is this stuff all well known?/I've never seen a shark who made a loan./This, too, sounds rather rash,/I've never seen a cow who carries cash…""). Charming watercolor-washed pencil drawings of cartoon-style children, birds, and animals (some clothed) add significant appeal to the collection. An appended index lists each animal mentioned in the poems. A supplementary purchase where silly poetry is in demand. --School Library Journal

Common Core standards covered: