Australia Literature Library Bound Book

Australia Literature Library Bound Book

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SKU: NSP-6217

Students will get a taste of the many aspects of Australia as they read the selections in this book set. Also includes a “listen-along cassette”, Amazing Animals of Australia, plus Don’t Call me a Koala cassette.

  • Kangaroos Have Joeys
  • Celebrating Birthdays in Asutralia
  • Animal Dreaming
  • Life Cycle of a Koala
  • My Farm
  • Tasmanian Quest
  • Joey the Roo
  • No One Quite Like Me
  • Journey Through Australia
  • Counting Kangaroos

Set of 10 books (mixed hardcover and paperback) and 2 cassettes.

Common Core standards covered:
RL, RI, RF, L.K-4.4-6