Backyard Bugs Book Sets

Backyard Bugs Book Sets

National School Products

SKU: PWB-15228

Grades: PreK-3

Illustrations and playful, yet informative text reveal the world of insects that students see in their own backyard. Features include: Activities, Fun Facts, Diagrams, and Glossaries. Accelerated Reader titles.

  • Tiny Workers (Ants)
  • Spotted Beetles (Ladybugs)
  • Busy Buzzers (Bees)
  • Night Fliers (Moths)
  • Living Lights (Fireflies)
  • Hungry Hoppers (Grasshoppers)
  • Bzzz Bzzz (Mosquitoes)
  • Chirp, Chirp! (Crickets)
  • Flying Colors (Butterflies)
  • Garden Wigglers (Earthworms)

Set of 10 books, reinforced library bound, 24 pages each.

Set of 5 books, paperback as follows:

  • Tiny Workers
  • Spotted Beetles
  • Chirp, Chirp!
  • Dancing Dragons (Dragonflies)
  • Weaving Wonders (Spiders)