Bright & Brainy Grades K-6 Complete Set

Bright & Brainy Grades K-6 Complete Set

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Created specifically to meet the Common Core State Standards, each exercise in the Bright & Brainy series is linked to a specific Common Core State Standard and is designed to be robust and relevant to the real world. Each activity page focuses on a particular concept, skill, or skill-set, and provides students ample opportunities to practice and achieve mastery. A Common Core State Standards correlation chart helps identify the grade-level standards for which students may need additional support. Each book contains a Teacher Resource CD with PDFs of the student activity pages. Reproducible, 208-248 pages each. ©2012

COMMON CORE Standards targeted include:

Math Standards:
• Counting & Cardinality
• Operations & Algebraic Thinking
• Numbers & Operations in Base Ten
• Numbers & Operations: Fractions
• Measurement & Data
• Ratios & Proportional Relationships
• The Number System
• Expressions & Equations
• Geometry
• Statistics & Probability

ELA Standards:
• Reading: Literature
• Reading: Informational Text
• Reading: Foundational Skills
• Writing
• Speaking & Listening
• Language

Common Core standards covered:

COMMON CORE ELA & Literacy Standards:

Grade K - RL.K.1,3,4,7; RI.K.1-2,4,7,8; RF.K.1-4; W.K.1-3; SL.K.6; L.K.1-2,4-6

Grade 1 - RL.1.1,2,7; RI.1.1,2,5-8; RF.1.2-4; W.1,2,3,5,7; SL.1.1; L.1.1-2,4,6

Grade 2 - RL.2.1-2,4-7; RI.2.1-2,4,7-8; RF.2.3-4; W.2.1-3,7; SL.2.1-2; L.2.1,2,4

Grade 3 - RL.3.1-2,5,7-10; RI.3.1-2,4,6-8,10; RF.3.3-4; W.3.1-3; SL.3.1,2; L.3.1-6

Grade 4 - RL.4.1-3,5-6,9-10; RI.4.1-3,5-10; RF.4.3,4; W.4.1-3,9; SL.4.1,2; L.4.1-6

Grade 5 - RL.5.1-6,9-10; RI.5.1-10; RF.5.3,4; W.5.1,2,8,9; SL.5.1,2; L.5.1,2,4-6

Grade 6 - RL.6.1-7,9-10; RI.6.1-9; W.6.1-4,7-10; SL.6.1,6; L.6.1-6

COMMON CORE Math Content Standards:

Grade K - K.CC.1-7; K.OA.1-5; K.NBT.1; K.MD.3; K.G.1-5

Grade 1 - 1.OA.1-2,4,6; 1.NBT.1,2a-2c,3,4; 1.MD.1,3,4; 1.GA.1,3

Grade 2 - 2.OA.1,4; 2.NBT.1-7,9; 2.MD.1,4; 2.MD.7-10; 2.G.1-3

Grade 3 - 3.OA.2-3,7,8; 3.NBT.1-2; 3.NF.1-3; 3.MD.1-2,3-8; 3.G.2

Grade 4 - 4.OA.2-5; 4.NBT.1-2,4-6; 4.NF.1-7; 4.MD.3-6; 4.G.1,3

Grade 5 - 5.OA.2; 5.NBT.1-7; 5.NF.1-3,4a-4b,6; 5.MD.2-4; 5.G.1-2,4

Grade 6 - 6.RP.1; 6.NS.1-4,6-8; 6.EE.1-6,8; 6.G.1,3-4; 6.SP.2-4,5c