Bully Free Classroom Book

Bully Free Classroom Book


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Up to 90 percent of students say they are bothered by bullying.

From 10 to 24 percent of students say they are bullied in school.

Bullying is a big problem in schools today—and you can do something about it. You can create a peaceful, caring classroom that promotes a sense of belonging in all students and stops bullying in its tracks. This book shows you how. Allan Beane spells out over 100 prevention and intervention strategies you can start using immediately.

Some are classroom-centered—designed to change everyone's attitudes, thinking, and behaviors. Some are victim-centered, focusing on students who are current or potential victims of bullying. Some are bully-centered, because bullies need help as much as victims. All are easy to understand and simple to implement; many require little or no advance preparation and few or no special materials.

Positive and practical, reinforced with true stories and enhanced by reproducible forms, checklists, and resources, this solution-filled book can make your classroom a place where all students are free to learn without fear.