Captured History Complete Book Set

Captured History Complete Book Set


SKU: CAP-4722

Grades: 5 - 9

Can a photograph change the world? The answer is yes! Captured History explores how a single moment captured on fi lm can infl uence society and change the course of history. Combining art, history, and media literacy, this series looks at some of the most famous photographs and details how & why these images resonate today and what effect they had when they were published.


  • Raising the Flag
  • Civil War Witness
  • Assassination and Its Aftermath
  • Migrant Mother
  • Breaker Boys
  • Little Rock Girl 1957
  • Birmingham 1963
  • Man on the Moon

Accelerated Reader® titles, RL: 6.5-7.6. Guided reading levels: U-Z. Lexile levels: 900L-1150L.

Set of 8 books, reinforced library bound, 64 pages each.