Chain Reactions Book Set

Chain Reactions Book Set

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This series looks at developments, inventions, and discoveries in science and how a discovery or invention by one individual can lead to a series of discoveries by others and even a chain of scientific breakthroughs. Each book charts a few connected developments in the particular field of science from first discoveries through to current applications. 
Great for STEM Education.

Titles include:
• DNA to GM Wheat
• Greek Atoms to Quarks
• Gunpowder to Laser Chemistry
• Mendel’s Peas to Genetic Fingerprinting
• Microscopes to Stem Cell Research
• Newton’s Rainbow to Frozen Light
• Ptolemy’s Spheres to Dark Energy
• Sea Urchins to Dolly the Sheep
• Steam Engines to Nuclear Fusion
• Windmills to Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Common Core standards covered:
CCRA.R.1-10; RST.6-8.1-10

Set of 10 reinforced library bound books, 64 pages each.