Common Core Collaborative Cards Set

Common Core Collaborative Cards Set

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These uniquely designed cards can be used as a whole-class activity for small groups, or individually. First, students solve the problem on their own card; then students with the same answer form collaborative groups for further problem solving activities. Each set contains 120 cards, 40 cards per grade level, 360 cards total. The sets also include four additional cards for a teacher to create his/her own custom problems. Durable, two-color cards measure 4 in. x 6 in. Teacher’s guide provides complete instructions, including suggestions for problem-solving lessons for the collaborative groups.

Set includes: Base Ten, Fractions, and Algebraic Thinking cards.

Common Core standards covered:

Base Ten
3.NBT.1-3, 4.NBT.1-6, 5.NBT.1-7

3.NF.1-3, 3.G.2, 4.NF.1-7, 5.NF.1-7

Algebraic Thinking
3.OA.2-9, 4.OA.1-5, 5.OA.1-3