Common Core Curriculum: World History Grades 3-5 Book

Common Core Curriculum: World History Grades 3-5 Book


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Comprehensive Common Core curriculum for World History, Grades 3-5: The Alexandria Plan

The Alexandria Plan is Common Core's curriculum tool for the teaching of United States and World History. It is a strategic framework for identifying and using high quality informational texts and narrative nonfiction to meet the expectations of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for English Language Arts (ELA) while also sharing essential historical knowledge drawn from the very best state history and civics standards from around the country. ??2014

Features of each book include:

ƒ?› Learning Expectations, which articulate the key ideas, events, facts, and figures to be understood by students in a particular grade span

ƒ?› A list of suggested anchor texts that teach an essential aspect of an era

ƒ?› One text study per era that draws students through a close read of an anchor text with text-dependent questions and writing-based performance assessments

ƒ?› Concise Era Summaries that orient both teachers and students to the historical background of an era

ƒ?› Select additional resources

This curriculum helps teachers pose questions about texts covering a wide range of topics. Common Core Curriculum: World History, Grades 3-5 introduces upper elementary students to 18 key eras in world history, from the discovery of fire to modern globalization, through stories that will captivate readers and inspire curiosity to learn more.