Common Core Problem-based Tasks for Math Grade 10

Common Core Problem-based Tasks for Math Grade 10

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Use these engaging real-world scenarios to help infuse your mathematics program with a problem-based approach to the knowledge and skills required by the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. This collection of tasks addresses the six Common Core State Standards categories for high school mathematics: • Number and Quantity • Algebra • Functions • Modeling • Geometry • Statistics and Probability. Each Problem-Based Task is set in a meaningful context to engage student interest and reinforce the relevance of mathematics.

Common Core standards covered:
HSN-RN.1-3; HSN-CN.1,2,7-9; HSA-SSE.1a,1b,3a-3c; HSA-APR.1; HSA-CED.1,2,4; HSA-REI.4a,4b; HSG-C.1-5; HSA-G.SRT.4-8; HSG-GPE.1,2,4,6; HSG-GMD.1,3; HSS-CP.1-3,5-9; HSS-MD.6,7