Common Core Writing to Texts Grades 1-6 Complete Set

Common Core Writing to Texts Grades 1-6 Complete Set

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Specifically Designed to Meet the Requirements of the Common Core State Standards in Writing

These six grade-specific titles meet all the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for writing and provide rubrics with differentiated instruction to help every student achieve on-grade-level competency in writing. 100% coverage of COMMON CORE Writing Standards with a focus on reading complex texts and responding in writing. Reproducible, 130+ pages each. ©2013


Instant mini-lessons for each category of required writing.
Ready-made lessons teach students how to analyze writing prompts, plan writing, and evaluate student writing models.

Practice passages of the required grade-level text complexity.
Students learn how to read and analyze passages similar to what will appear on formal Common Core assessments.

Text-dependent writing prompts for each practice passage or paired passages.
60+ opportunities to practice writing Opinion/Argument, Informative/Explanatory, and Narrative texts as required by CCSS.

Graphic organizers and student writing checklists customized for each specific writing type.
Help students plan, evaluate, and revise each form of writing.

Includes comprehensive rubrics with differentiated instruction.
Evaluate students’ writing with easy-to-use If…then directives that show how to tailor passages and prompts for students of all levels.

Common Core standards covered:
CCRA.W.1-10, W.1-6.1-10