Comprehension Lessons for RTI Grades 3-5

Comprehension Lessons for RTI Grades 3-5


SKU: SCH-529681

This book offers teachers the support they need to implement Tier 2 reading interventions in their classrooms. From formative assessments that help you screen students and monitor their progress to differentiated lessons on the essential elements of comprehension—including self-monitoring, vocabulary-developing, and fluency-building strategies—everything you need to support the struggling readers in your classroom is here. Includes management ideas that help you carve out time for meeting with extra small-groups.

Common Core standards covered:
CCRA.R.1,2; CCRA.L.4-6; RL.3.1,2; RI.3.1,2,4; RF.3.4,4c; L.3.6; RL.4.2,4; RI.4.2,4; RF.4.4c; L.4.4a,5c,6; RL.5.2,4; RI.5.2,4,4c; L.5.4a,5c,6