Creepy Creatures English Book Set

Creepy Creatures English Book Set

National School Products


Grades: PreK-1

This series for beginning readers allows children to get up close to the fascinating creepy crawlies that they can find in their surroundings every day??earthworms, ladybugs, centipedes, fireflies, mosquitoes, bees, and caterpillars. Each book identifies the main physical features of each bug, including what they eat, how they change, and how they reproduce. Library bound, 24 pages each. Contents may vary.

Titles include: Spiders, Centipedes, Bees, Mosquitoes, Ladybugs, Caterpillars, and Earthworms.

Please note: Fireflies is no longer available. Spiders has replaced it in the set.

Common Core standards covered:
RI, RF, L.K-1.4-6