Debating the Documents Set of 7 Books

Debating the Documents Set of 7 Books

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Each Debating the Documents workbook is based on one group of visual primary sources and one group of written primary sources. The sources in each group conflict with one another in some way. Students will learn how to compare and contrast primary sources by using activity sheets that carefully guide them in taking notes and answering questions. Overheads of all sources are included for use in class discussions. A final document-based question gives students a chance to use their knowledge to write a brief essay using all of the sources in the workbook. Reproducible, 24 pages each plus 4 transparencies.

The set includes:
• The Pilgrims
• Planters & Slaves in Colonial Virginia
• The Iroquois & Colonial America
• The Great Awakening
• Ben Franklin, American
• The Meaning of the Declaration
• Blue or Gray: Why Men Fought in the Civil War