Doorbell Rang Literacy Card

Doorbell Rang Literacy Card

National School Products

SKU: EP-2168

This two-sided Doorbell Rang Literacy Card is the perfect tool for sharing children’s literature and encouraging parent involvement. This card focuses on a favorite children’s book, chosen for its “read-aloudability,” age appropriateness, and positive message. This literacy card details “read together” strategies and leads children through story-specific comprehension strategies such as using prior knowledge, making predictions, understanding new vocabulary, making inferences and reviewing the story. Also features story-related activities, as well as a bibliography of related books.

The perfect tool for sharing children’s literature and making home-to-school connections!
• Two-sided cards are packed with activities
• Teaching strategies and activities based on popular children’s books
• Durable laminated cards stand up to everyday handling
• Ideal for small-group and take-home use