Engineering Our World English Book Set

Engineering Our World English Book Set

National School Products


Grades: 2-5

Our world is filled with amazing technology, but most people take it for granted. This series introduces readers to some of the most pivotal inventions and technological marvels in history, from the cars that move us from place to place to the massive bridges they travel over, and the tiniest computer microchip to the tallest skyscraper. Readers will experience the man-made wonders of our world through captivating photographs that show the construction of everyday engineering masterpieces, ensuring that they??ll never look at an airplane in the sky or a ship in the water quite the same way again! Topics are chosen for their appeal, as well as their importance to elementary science curriculum and STEM interests. Each book concludes with step-by-step project instructions that show readers how to build their own engineering masterpieces on a smaller scale!

Set of 6 books. Library bound, 24 pages each. 2016