Eric Carle Literature Library A

Eric Carle Literature Library A

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More great classic Carle titles. Not only do Carle’s colorful books instantly appeal to children, they help teach important beginning curriculum skills and impart messages about acceptance, friendship, manners, and much more! (see T4T-N1230 & SCH-191025)

  • Do You Want to be My Friend (paperback)
  • Secret Birthday Message (paperback)
  • Today is Monday (paperback)
  • Very Busy Spider (hardcover)
  • Very Lonely Firefly (hardcover)
  • Little Cloud (paperback)
  • Dream Snow (hardcover)
  • Hello Red Fox (hardcover)
  • Pancakes Pancakes (paperback)
  • Rooster's Off to See the World (paperback)

Common Core standards covered: