Essay Apprentice Book

Essay Apprentice Book


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When the Writing Process isn’t going to help—for students who aren’t even close to approaching the Pre-Writing step.

The perfect precursor to the Essay Architect, the Essay Apprentice helps students who are unable to write a five-paragraph essay—students who have trouble constructing even simple sentences or very basic paragraphs. By building basic foundations of writing through simple, yet practical activities, students learn the step-by-step process of creating writing they can be proud of. Help students build autonomy and confidence through quick, easy, and practical creative writing activities and exercises.

• Help struggling or anxious writers through the basic parts of an essay by working step-by-step on each part of the writing process.

• Introduce basic skills of writing by allowing students to express their prior knowledge and cultural background.

• Creative writing exercises focus on purposes and types of writing, including Writing to Entertain, Inform, and Persuade.

Also features Sentence Construction Activities, Paragraph Construction Activities, Preparing for Formal Writing, Evaluating Model and Non-Model essays, and more. Plus, includes 15 essays for evaluation.

Common Core standards covered:
W.6.2-6,10; W.7.1-6,11; W.8.1-6,10; W.9-10.1-3,5-6,10; W.11-12.1-6,10; SL.6-12.1; L.6-12.1-3,6