Essay Architect Book

Essay Architect Book


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For those students who are able to write at least one paragraph in response to an essay prompt.

The Essay Architect writing system is designed to teach your students everything they need to know about writing a great essay, from the essential structure and vocabulary of the essay, to polishing the essay in its final stages. Students have the opportunity to learn and practice every step of the process before actually writing an essay, and learn how to evaluate and assess other essays to recognize high-quality, well-written essays, as well as poorly-written, weak writing. Includes 22 model and non-model essays to evaluate and edit. Best of all, an in-depth study of each type of essay is included, with essay-specific organizers, prompts, notes, peer-editing checklists, and rubrics for:

• Persuasive/Argumentative Essays
• Cause and Effect Essays
• Compare and Contrast Essays
• Descriptive Essays
• Informative/Explanatory Essays
• Reflective/Personal Narrative Essays
• Response to Literature Essays
• Research Papers

Common Core standards covered:
W.6-12.1-6; W.6.10; W.7.11; W.8-12.10; SL.6-12.1; L.6-10.1; L.7-12.2; L.6-10.3; L.6-12.6