Expeditions for Common Core State Standards: Geometry

Expeditions in Your Classroom - Geometry Grades 9-12

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This book contains 10 expeditions that have relevance in students’ lives, require them to apply their knowledge, and give students new skills. Expeditions helps your students address real problems with real people, all while incorporating creative reading and writing, visual presentation, and real-world problem solving. Each project requires 10-12 hours to complete (including prep, homework, and activities). Extensive teacher support includes a skills matrix by project, a project assessment rubric, Common Core State Standards connections for each project, and an answer key. ©2012

Your students could be “Fashionistas,” seeing the geometry in fashion design. Or perhaps they’re “At the Scene of the Crime,” using coordinate systems to investigate a crime scene. Includes 10 projects, from “Project Putt-Putt” to “Superhero Challenge.” Covers topics such as: • Measurement • Ratio & Proportion • Geometric Modeling • Calculating Slope • Shape Visualization • and Graph Theory.